”She is the dark beauty,
true Southern Queen.
Pirate is her nature,
She is the mistress of all seven seas.
And I don't have king and country
I'm free as can be
And she is my Lady,

My Heart!

My El Corazón!”

-El Corazón's Song from Devil's Game-

El Corazon's Story


When figure dressed in black takes a seat Nicodemus Pipers table on lousy bar that hes in, hes luck doesn't fail him and he makes fool of himself. Altough he gets what hes looking for, an adventure. Not that he was looking just this kind of adventure and definetly not on board El Corazon.



El Corazon is repaired and ready to the sea. Still taking easy, its crew is recruiting new ones. A sudden news, carried by the official navy officer makes them hurry to Tower Bay, where the situation changes their course and starts the deception game that puts them all to doubt who they can really trust

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