Did You Know?

-DEVIL'S GAME was a second title to the book. First was DEVIL IS SHE WHO PLAYS

-I learned to write English as writing the DEVIL'S GAME and that is a part of the why I started to write, learn to write English.

-Kyrie Black was and is called on work name "Her Pompous Ass" especially when on the scenes captain of the El Corazon really acts like it, basically every time, everywhere and always

-Nicodemus Piper's character is based on my friend who got encouraged me to write. I created Piper just to annoy my friend because he insists that I'm like Kyrie Black, which is not true. As many ways on Kyrie and me like my friend insist, on Piper, many things aren't true from my friend in real life. Did I say that because my friend told me to say that? You never will find the truth

-"Will Nicodemus Piper ever grow "the balls" -my friend asked once and I answered -"Not in this book"-. Was it a cruel to say? Well, that would have Kyrie said. BUT Piper is an opposite scale to Kyrie and El Corazon's crew. Crew has already used to Kyries "pompousness", Piper isn't. Piper brings readers point of view. As you read and start know the characters you may grow "the balls"... or not

-On El Corazon's story my favourite character is Stan. Stanizlaw  Chodkiewic, got invented because cook has to be mad. How mad? Well, psychotic. Stan is fun character to write. I don't have to think would he regret things, would he think what others thought about him or would he had some alternative motive going on if he does something. No, he has not, nothing else, but Kyrie. Stan is like Kyrie could be and that's why Kyrie keeps Stan close, to reminder. And as much Stan fears Kyries Black Angel, as much he loves it, but he will not want either side of Kyrie to take over. In his eyes, Kyrie is in balance that he would want to be. Kyrie and Stan are symbiotic in a relationship


-Did you know that Stans first appearance on DEVIL'S GAME, where Stan finds Kyrie checking on Davis, is the only text that has not gone thru the re-editing in whole.  That text has been as I wrote it the first time.

-I use text to speech program to "hear" does the story go a flow like, are the sentences right and would this character really say and do this and that. But no one is perfect so "If you spell it right, it must be right even it's wrong".

-I'm lousy to invent names because to me name has to feel like the character. So almost all my characters have been without the name from the beginning and I do write them down in meanwhile just using the *** marks. That means that I have used hours  "tasting" different kind of names through the Internet

-I write without an apostrophe because it feels like it's slows me down. I do use a computer program to add them later

-I do have a folder where are unused parts of the story,  just in case that there might be something I would use anyway, which would never happen. I also had a TOP SECRET folder that told how the book ended

-I'm in paranoiac fear to lose my writing, this meaning that I store my writing on flash drive, on my computer, on cloud and on paper. After one broken computer and one broken flash drive and hundreds of words of lost material, you would act like me

-I really felt sad after finishing DEVIL'S GAME and I thought to write something else, but it didn't felt right. Luckily El Corazon's story wasn't finished

-I love reading books and I love that you have the possibility to read books in physical form, on computer or tablet and to listen the audiobooks. I'm using all of them, depending on the book and where I am

-Did you know that BLOOD OF THE KNIFE's story actually predates the DEVILS GAME. I had created the Warlocks story years earlier, but never written it down and El Corazon's story actually bases on it, even now the BLOOD OF THE KNIFE follows the DEVIL'S GAME and DECEPTION GAME

-Despite my friends insisting that I'm like Kyrie Black, I see myself more like Warlock's captain, Commander Hal Ransome-


-First scene on BLOOD OF THE KNIFE, that you can read here, reminds me 1930's- 1940's old time radio programs, that I was listening at the time. And that is how I wrote it. You can almost hear when reading it, that scratchy sound, the special effects.. engine roam, clancks and bounding, welding torch, men speaking on background, just before the first line "-I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

-I really cried on some parts of the BLOOD OF THE KNIFE when writing it. I have always been like that when reading stories from the war. Apparently, it follows still


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