Deception Game

Gasping for air he pushed himself thru narrow alley. Rats squeaked and he hit his shoulder to the wall and slipped on cabbage that someone had thrown away. Hit made him grunt in pain and grind his teeths together. Looking down to his left side where he was pushing his hand, he saw blood streaming between his fingers, it already dripping down on his trousers

He heard shout -He went this way!- and it made him look behind him seeing dark running forms of men coming toward him

With pained huff he pushed himself off from the wall and started to run again. More than twice he slipped on wet cobblestones and it get his pursuers chance to get closer. Pain in his side had grown and his legs started to feel numb. Blinking his eyes several times trying to get his vision stay clear he tried to get his bearings. His breath was coming now in rasps between his lips and his heart bounded painfully against his ribs

Taking a hurried look over his shoulder, he saw how one of the pursuers who had got a good head start from the others, was trying to grab him by his jacket. He swing his sword which he had managed to keep in his hand, in low arc. His hit missed strength behind of it but his pursuers forward momentum took care what it lacked and man went down dropping to his heep almost taking him with him. Not taking any chances to let wounded mans friends to get closer he continued his run leaving his sword under the lying man.

After twenty desperate minutes and two miss turns that got him a small lead, he staggered to familiar street. Lunging himself toward the white marble door lined with vines he banged his fist to the door. Behind him he heard closing shouts that wanted to end his life

He banged the door again. He had barely strength to lift his hand anymore. Pushing his forehead to the door cool surface he closed his eyes, his heart beat bounded in his ears when the blood loss started to take his toll -Please- He pleaded to the door and then he slowly sag down when his legs gave under him.

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