​When I started  DEVIL'S GAME it never occurred to me that it would grow to be a three book story, let a lone even one. On school I hated writing. I never thought that I had nothing to tell, let alone hundreds of pages. I liked to read. Still like to read. But then my sneaky cunningly friend got me started. First it was just scribbling, but then I discovered that like a reading a good story and got immerge on it, you could actually do that same in writing the story.

When the DEVIL'S GAME ended. I felt relieved, proud and sad. I think I wrote email to my friend "I'm feeling blue". Of course the book wasn't ready. It had to be go through and inspected and so on, but the story was finished and it was hard to me to say that all that was now over. What I hate in the books are of course is that they have to end, but now I felt the same thing because of my own written story. Am I going mad?! The characters who lived and died aren't anymore in my life. I didn't want that, but that how it was. Two days. Don't laugh. Seriously only two days and first images that starts El Corazons next story, popped in my mind. After a week I finally did write it down, because it started bother the DEVIL'S GAMES going through process. When I did it, I understood that El Corazons story wasn't over and that how the DECEPTION GAME started.
As I was writing the DECEPTION GAME, I also wrote the third book BLOOD OF THE KNIFE. BLOOD OF THE KNIFE did got accidentally kick start from the 1930's radio shows that I was listening at the time. The first chapter on the book is written like that keeping the radio show in mind and I can always hear how it would sound if it would be playd at sevaral characters with sound effects and that raspy a 1930's echo that you recognize that time. Still it was clear from the start that BLOOD OF THE KNIFE was centuries after El Corazon and its crew, and it was easy to thought that there must be descendants. When I suddenly realize that now I'm actually writing a family saga, the end of the DECEPTION GAME came to me easily and it tied these three books together. It also gave the purpose on some characters that I hadn't seen when beginning this my little scribbling.

I only can hope that you will enjoy your time on reading my stories.

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