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When I was little my father took me to see Tall Ship Race. Can you imagine, when you are seven or eight seeing those ships first time from cars front window? First you see tip of the masts and banners. I remember that it was really sunny day and everything I saw was in vivid colors. For a second we lost a sight, there was hundreds of people swarming around, a small tents with people selling stuff. I always liked a market places, they were and still are something magical. And suddenly, there she was, white and gleaming in sun, banners in her flying on stiff wind like multicolored wings. I tried to see her in whole, but at the time we were already too close and I was too little to see how high her masts went.

Next what I remember is the smell and sounds. The people around you as exited as you are, but only thing is that you are the one who doesn't quite still understand what is it all about. When I opened the car door, the strong smell of tar, wood and food near by tents mixed together to salty seaweed smell that is on harbors, especially on sunny days like this. Shouts from people trying to sell, or on ship where people were lining to wait or already walking on its deck. Toots from motorized boats swarming further away. And there it stops.

I never learned what was the ships name that I saw first or what else happened that day. Its gone with youthful excitement and growing up, but the scene made the impact.

It was several years after when I finally got my library card that my passion for reading took me back to ”my roots”


I have always loved history and reading and searching things. In this point of my life it took me to WWII sea history, after I had read shelf loads of sci-fi, fantasy and adventures. I think the age did the thing and I kind of know that it was around when I was fourteen or fifteen, because I keep the records of my own library about bought books. I used to keep some track what I had read in library too, but by the time I had started to buy books to my own, it was only record what I would like to have my shelf.


So there came WWII sea era. And yes, I read tons of fiction, but also real history. I was copying books from library, mostly by hand and I kept notes for ships etc. My researcher side of me loves this. I just wanted to know what the ships were done, how they acted, how people serving them acted etc. It was and still is interesting. And it kind of shaped me to see ”wider” point. There never was for me good and bad, not so strongly. Of course I understood that if Hitler would have won, we would now be living different world but, there is a lot of gray areas too. When you read about the people especially, not many is born killer. War touches everybody and not a good way.


In time that I realized that I have access to information, I remembered that tall ship scene and I tried to dig out everything that there was from these large sailing ships. Thru that I drifted to further away to history to 1800's, 1700's, 1600's.. and read lots of history from those eras too, not only sea related.


In summary I have learned Morse code, I have learned flags, I have learned bells etc. And if you ask me now, I probably wont remember much. That knowledge is not something that I need in everyday life. I never had the chance to really go out to sea. That is the shame, but I still love all of it and I always will be ”out there”. Which brings up a next question


-Is that why you started to write?-


-No, I'm a Reader. Or that I thought to be-


I started to write because I needed to keep up my vanishing knowledge of on English language. At the point, when I finished from junior high school I had already read every translated books or owned them, so I needed to expand. But before that I had started to write poems on one of the site in internet. They were liked in there. I made a small patch of self publication, never actually sell them but give them to friends and family. Now all my ”best” poems were in same covers and it felt good. After several years, you could say I got a writers block. Partly it was true, partly that I had started to read books in English and it turned my brains upside down and all what I wrote came out in English and the interned site where I was had strict rules against it, so I stopped. Now a days I still sometimes write something, but its very few anymore.


-And then you started to write?-




I have some friends that share enthusiasm to the sea. This particular friends is on pirates. And who would not be. I'm there too. We joked much about it over the years. In some point there came this issue about English language, my friend said that just write it, you learn it as you go. So, I did. I wrote these small scenes and he kept asking more and I wrote. The English was pretty horrible, but it get better. I tried to stop several times, got stuck several times, but my friend pestered me to write more. I don't really think it had nothing to do my skills, but the story at least was unwritten and unread. After a year or so, it started to grow on me and I just kept writing. I was happy that my English was getting better, writing was easier. I enjoyed that it gave me same kind of feeling as the reading gives and also that I could be in the world that I have read so much.


So..there it is, something about me. At the moment it is four years after when I started to write the pirate story. I'm now at the point where the first one is on editing phase. And the surprise is that I never stopped there so I have a sequel coming as the third one, both these are in writing. You can say I have been busy.


Here are they, pirate era in middle of the 1700's is El Corazón's story. It includes to coming books, Devil's Game and Deception Game


The third coming book is Warlock's story, Blood of the Knife. It starts on 1941 and goes thru WWII war ending the Cranmore family saga, that started on Devil's Game





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